27 Mar

Bike In The Fast Lane Chicago.



Be there for the first Ride of the Spring!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Daley Plaza   5:30 pm


10 Mar

CHICAGO’S BICYCLE PROGRAM is rolling right along, but the staff could use some help counting bikes at a number of different locations! It’s a great way not only to help out but to get a first-hand look at how your fellow riders use the roads.

The Bicycle Program is conducting monthly counts and quarterly counts, but they could use a LOT of volunteers for the big quarterly count coming up at the end of March, specifically:

Tuesday, March 27th – 7AM to 9AM
Tuesday, March 27th – 4PM to 6PM
Saturday, March 31st – Noon to 2PM

Do YOUR part toward making Chicago even more bike-friendly!

Contact David Smith, CDOT Bikeways Planner, at or (312) 742-7620.


Let’s Make Chicago the Most Bike-Friendly City in the United States.


10 Mar

APOLOGIES to all you fans out there in radio land! Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to bring you our usual program today. (But you were out biking anyway, right?)

We can change a flat in a jiffy, but when it comes to computers… well, you get the point. We’ll be back next week, though, at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. Keep those wheels turning…


8 Mar

That can only mean it’s time to start thinking about getting your biking swag on!  Blogger & Biker are ready to get you geared up for the beginning of the high biking season.  Tune in to our program on, on Saturday afternoons at 1:30 pm. 

Let’s Make Chicago the Most Bike Friendly City in the United States!


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BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO Internet Radio Program – Episode 20

27 Feb

Click the link below to hear a rebroadcast of Saturday’s show.   Be sure to check us out this Saturday on BlogTalkRadio at 1:30pm Central Standard Time.

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Bike In The Fast Lane Chicago 02/25 by BloggerandBiker | Blog Talk Radio.

BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO Internet Radio Broadcast for February 4, 2012

7 Feb

BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO broadcast another weekly episode of its internet radio program which airs on every Saturday Afternoon at 1:30 pm CST.   The link to Saturday’s broadcast is below.   Join Blogger and Biker this coming Saturday for the latest episode.

Bike In The Fast Lane Chicago 02/04 by BloggerandBiker | Blog Talk Radio.


21 Dec

Chicago’s Neighborhood Biking Dichotomy (Part Two)

In Part One of this piece, we took a cursory assessment of answers to this question:  How is not participating in the City’s vibrant biking culture detrimental or problematic for South Siders, particularly in the central and eastern part of the region?

Before seeking deeper reasons behind the alleged biking culture deficiency of the South (and West) side vis-a-vis the North side, we thought it reasonable and meritorious to first resolve whether this deficiency is, in fact, detrimental for either side of town.  Does it represent a problem — or simply a difference?   We sought to ascertain whether there is a pathology in this discrepancy which needs to be addressed, or should we just attribute it to a benign geographical variance — and not create a problem where there is none.  I mean, we DO have enough problems already in this town… right?   Of course, right!

After spending some time going over our assessment of this situation, BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO has come to the conclusion that the discrepancy itself is not terribly problematic; however, it  IS somewhat symptomatic of larger issues for which a robust and thriving South Side Biking culture could act as a significant barometer for measuring how well we are resolving these issues both as a community and as a municipality.   This fact alone seems weighty enough to swing the pendulum in favor of determining the cause(s) of the aforementioned dichotomy.

But there is something even more compelling.  The reality is that change is coming.   The move toward reduction of automobile traffic is not a local issue, but rather a global one whose genesis is of an ecological, life-preserving origin.   Therefore, to repudiate, resist or even remain apathetic to implementation of increased cycling initiatives on the South and West Sides of the City seems akin to marching on the wrong side of history – surely not an enviable position for any constituency.  To quote the late Gil Scott Heron:  “Once we recognize that change is inevitable, it makes sense that we try to direct the change, rather than simply ‘go through’ the change.”

As a bi-product of allowing ourselves some ‘marinating’ time to commiserate over the issues presented in the Part One of this series, BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO has come across various individuals and groups who have – either recently or long since – reached the conclusions at which we have just laboriously arrived.  We shall include these voices in future episodes of this series as we begin our analysis of why Chicago’s Biking Dichotomy exists and steps we must consider in order to implement a resolution to this conundrum.

It is important that we – as a community and as a City – seek to promote the blossoming of a vibrant biking community on the South and West sides of our town in a wholistic and organic fashion which acknowledges their differences (as well as similarities) in geographical, social and cultural make-up to their North Side counterpart.   We must avoid one-size-fits-all initiatives which seek to replicate clones of the North Side environment   Rejecting that knee-jerk response will prove beneficial not only for the developing biking regions, but also the Biking Community at-large, as some of the creative and fresh ideas will certainly germinate into new, universally applicable concepts.

And, ultimately, that approach most efficaciously assists us in accomplishing our collective goal:  to make Chicago the most bike-friendly city in the United States!  For that all-encompassing reason, BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO will diligently continue this series and we would love –  in fact we strongly request and encourage – input from any individuals, organizations or groups who would like to contribute thoughtful observations, comments and/or analysis to this project.

[This important topic will be part of the conversation on future BIKE IN THE FAST LANE CHICAGO internet radio broadcasts (Saturdays at 1:30 pm on BlogTalkRadio).  Feel free to join in on the discussion by calling in to Blogger and Biker or (in case you miss the show) listen to the archived program which is available by 2:30 pm at   We will generally also provide the previous weekend's broadcast on this website as well as on our blog (]


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